Photos of the Week

Week of 2.12.18 – 2.25.18

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What an inspiring filled week! Very grateful I got to take a trip to the Twin Cities, to visit and speak with students and educators from Venture Academy and community leaders of the Twin Cities. I was able to share my story, converse about learner-centered education, and how EdRevision can be brought to their ecosystem to benefit their work on transforming education. At the end of my trip, I was able to meet Randy Fielding the co-founder of Fielding Nair International and talked about his work designing 21st-century schools.

Week of 1.22.18 – 1.28.18

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What a busy, but successful week!

I hit two cities in four days! This week I took a trip to San Francisco for my first ever Pioneer Lab training, host by Education Reimaged. I then headed to Minneapolis for Ed°Expo 2018 Twin Cities: Fuel your vision, powered by EdVisions! The speech I gave at their conveying was my first ever solo Key Note!

Week of: 2.27.17 – 3.5.17

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This week I had the opportunity to present at Iowa Ideas; powered by Gazette Company, with Dr. Trace Pickering about the paradigm shift in education (transforming not reforming education). Then, following that with my story behind my advocacy work, and the student-led initiative Hannah Bertram and I are starting. Thank you Trace and Iowa Ideas having me!

Week of: 2.20.17 – 2.26.17

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1. This past week my peers from Iowa BIG and I had the chance to go on a conference call with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. We talked about his FLOW studies and the FLOW study we are helping conduct here in Cedar Rapids.

2. Tuesday Hannah Bertram and I had the opportunity to present the Iowa BIG model to 24 visitors from 5 different school districts. It makes thrilled that educators and schools are trying to implement this style of education, all over Iowa!

3. The next photos are from the Ed/Stu camp my EdRevision team and I had been planning for the past few months. I was very pleased and inspired by the young learners and their passion for transforming education.

Week of: 1.30.17 – 2.5.17

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Tuesday, Hannah Bertram and I had the opportunity to travel to New London Community School District & Dansville Community Schools to share the Iowa BIG model, our stories in the education arena, and the type of advocacy we execute. After creating friendships with educators, students, and parents within their communities, I look forward to working with them all in the future!