About Jemar:


 I am an educational entrepreneur and senior at Iowa BIG. The Upper Midwest’s only winner of the national XQ Super School award, Iowa BIG is an initiative-based high school that produces learners who become makers, designers, storytellers, and social entrepreneurs by creating curriculum with business, nonprofit, and government agencies while solving real-world problems in the community.

I am a firm advocate for transforming the education system and spreading the awareness of learner-centered education. As Founder and co-leader of EdRevision, a new youth-led non-profit, I have spoken and presented to educators, students and communities about learner-centered education at more than a dozen conferences around the country, including SXSWedu, iNACOL, Education Elements, Leap Innovations, and Education Reimagined.

I am involved in many activities ranging from MVP (Mentors in Violence Protection), being a mentor at the LBA Foundation (Leaders Believers Achiever), leading a community of learner advocates called SparkHouse, helping Education Reimagined with anything I can and founding, EdRevision.With doing all these things, I am ultimately trying to transform myself and community for the better.

Besides my professional life, I love living my life to the fullest! I am always looking for new adventures and experiences. As I love to spend time with my friends & family, you can most likely find me doing that in my spare time!  I enjoy to bike, snowboard, going on adventures with my friends, traveling and meeting new people!


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